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MoRez was founded to expand and promote the consumption of organic and natural materials instead of plastic and inorganic materials within the Danish territory to the center of the historic and large city of Copenhagen. The great goals of the company executives and founders are to protect nature and the environment by eliminating plastic consumption in people's daily lives.

  Mission: The first step towards achieving the main goal is the elimination of disposable plastic containers and food packaging containers, which is in line with the Danish government's policy on plastic removal by the end of 2025.

  Vision: It is necessary to explain that all the commercial and economic goals of the company are in accordance with the motto and excellent goals of the World Environment Organization:

FN’S VERDENSMÅL for bæredygtig udvikling


Online Marketing_Morez
Online Marketing

All of the company's products are sold through the online store in addition to major worldwide distribution in Europe.

Disposable food productions
Disposable food productions containers

Elimination of plastic disposable containers and distribution of organic and vegetable products (available in nature) including mugs, plates, knives, forks, spoons, bowls, sauce containers as well as shopping bags including green and recyclable products.

Herbal Sweats
Ecolologic beverages & Herbal Sweats

Studying more than 35 types of plant species useful for human life that are abundant in our surroundings and turning it into a vegetable sweat is one of the goals of the company to achieve a healthy and green life for human life. Sweat, parsley, celery, thyme, oregano.

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Mozhgan Gerayeli

Mozhgan Gerayeli

Chief Executive Officer
Reza Reihaninia

S. Reza Reihaninia



232 st, tv, peter bangs vej,2500 Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark


Mozhgan Gerayeli: +45 30 35 35 42
S. Reza Reihaninia: +45 71 60 49 78
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